Bridge Lift Times: Sunday 02 April at 20:30 | Sunday 02 April at 21:15 | Wednesday 07 June at 20:15

Tower Bridge Exhibition

Tower Bridge Engine Rooms

A trip to Tower Bridge isn't complete without visiting the Victorian Engine Rooms. Located a few minutes walk from the South Tower, this atmospheric space houses one of London's true hidden gems.

Discover huge and beautifully maintained steam engines, furnaces and accumulators that were once used to power the raising of Tower Bridge’s ‘bascules’ – the moveable roadways at the bridge’s centre. Exciting hands-on mechanisms, information panels, and a short film will explain the ingenious technology used to keep the bridge in motion for over 120 years.

This dynamic space also lends itself  to use as a temporary exhibition space with changing displays of artwork throughout the year. For more information about exhibitions in the Engine Rooms, see our What's On page.