Bridge Lift Times: Saturday 24 June at 11:30 | Saturday 24 June at 12:45 | Saturday 24 June at 15:45

Tower Bridge Exhibition


23rd June 2017

Super Suspension

20th June 2017

Art Night at Tower Bridge

20th June 2017

Engineering Open House Day 2017

15th June 2017

Big Draw Festival - Tides and Textures of Tower Bridge

16th May 2017

Take part in the London Festival of Architecture at Tower Bridge

11th May 2017

Art at the Bridge #8: Construction – Destruction – Reconstruction

2nd May 2017

Tower Bridge's Walk of Fame

27th April 2017

Contours and Kaleidoscopes

25th April 2017

Tower Bridge to take part in London History Day!

24th April 2017

New Permanent Engine Rooms Exhibition

17th April 2017

London Marathon Competition

13th April 2017

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