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Sugar, spice and all things nice!

21st December 2015 • Tower Bridge Blog

Sugar, spice and all things nice!

As we get closer to Christmas the Learning team are thinking more about their favourite festive food, the delicious spices they contain and where they come from.

Since the 17th century ships full of spices such as nutmeg, ginger and other goods have been coming into London from all around the world. The area upstream of Tower Bridge (known as the Upper Pool of London) was an important destination for these goods because many imports were unloaded or stored here. So when London’s population grew and a new river crossing was needed, this area had to remain accessible for the tall ships sailing to the warehouses to set down their cargo – which, of course, included the distinctive spices we use in our Christmas cooking. It’s for this reason that Tower Bridge with its moveable roadways (bascules) is so uniquely designed.

Who knew mince pies and Tower Bridge had so much in common!

Sophie. Education Assistant

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