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Family fun : colour and corrosion

2nd March 2016 • Tower Bridge Blog

Family fun : colour and corrosion

The third Saturday in January brought the return of our popular family learning activities to the walkways at Tower Bridge.

Throughout the day we had fun learning how to stop the most famous bridge in the world from falling down from corrosion. The first stop on our mission was the handling table where we studied rusty rivets from the bridge and saw how they have been changed by wind and water. Families explored the different objects from Tower Bridge’s past including an engineer’s chisel and spanner used to maintain the Bridge for over thirty years. Our test tube demonstration showed the effects of air and water on metal and how corrosion only takes a couple of days when it is left unprotected.

Next we learnt that Tower Bridge is protected by stone cladding, paint and oil and that the iconic red, white and blue colours of Tower Bridge are a reflection of the Great British flag. Finally, we used our newfound knowledge to create and protect our own picture of Tower Bridge to take home by colouring in a skeleton of Tower Bridge and then used coloured paper to cover the steel work and provide extra protection to the towers. Really keen families even brought their safely built bridges to life by adding traffic drawings!

Thank you to all the families who took part, we hope you enjoyed your visit! For those who missed out, please see our family learning page for details on future family learning events.

David. Education Assistant. 

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