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How often does Tower Bridge open?

8th June 2016 • Tower Bridge Blog

How often does Tower Bridge open?

A visit to London just isn’t complete until you see Tower Bridge open for a passing ship! In the last year the bridge has opened 777 times which is, on average, twice a day. The road users reading this might feel this number is high enough but during Tower Bridge’s opening year in 1894 it was raised 6194 times, an average of 17 times per day.

Back then, Tower Bridge staff were on the lookout 24 hours a day for any ship ready to pass through and the bridge was opened as soon as the road was cleared. Nowadays, ships must book a bridge lift a minimum of 24 hours in advance and staff scheduled in. The cost for opening Tower Bridge has remained the same though: it’s completely free!

We publish all upcoming bridge lift dates and times on our bridge lifts page so, if you’re in London in the summer, why not view this historic moment for yourself? For an extra special bird’s eye view, you could even watch the bridge lift through our famous glass floor inside Tower Bridge.

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