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Keeping up with Mr Jones

7th February 2017 • Tower Bridge Blog

Keeping up with Mr Jones

Know your buttresses from your bascules? Your drive engines from your pumping engines? Or the year Tower Bridge took hold of its signature colours, red, white and blue? Well, the Tower Bridge Welcome Hosts do.

Since April, we have immersed ourselves in the history, engineering and culture of the late nineteenth century when Tower Bridge was first conceived by City of London architect Sir Horace Jones (with a little help from his friend Sir John Wolfe Barry), in our quest to become qualified Tour Guides, accredited by the Institute of Tour Guiding. From exploring the evolution of the engine in the Science Museum to examining styles of architecture in the Victoria and Albert Museum, we Welcome Hosts have been undergoing rigorous research and training, all to boost our knowledge of the era from which Tower Bridge emerged – to enrich the experience of our visitors.

Over the months of training there have been countless numbers, measurements, years and names to fix into memory. One of the facts that impressed me most is that in the eight years it took to build Tower Bridge, only ten men died, and that was without the benefit of the Health and Safety protective gear and clothing that we have today. I believe this fact alone is a testament to the ingenuity, skill and craftsmanship that sealed together every brick of Tower Bridge into the perfect landmark we’re lucky enough to still have today – us Welcome Hosts included!

EJ Robinson

Welcome Host and accredited Tour Guide

Come and experience the knowledge of our Welcome Hosts yourself, by visiting Tower Bridge Exhibition or even on one of our tours.

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