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​The best stunts of Tower Bridge

11th September 2017 • Tower Bridge Blog

​The best stunts of Tower Bridge

Over its 123 year history, Tower Bridge has been the location of a number of daring stunts – here are our top 3!

The bus jump

Not so much of a stunt but more of an accident! In 1952 the number 78 bus, driven by Albert Gunter, found itself on Tower Bridge as it began to open. Thanks to Albert’s quick thinking and speedy accelerating everyone on board survived and Albert went down in Tower Bridge’s history!

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Flying through Tower Bridge

In 1951, Frank Miller flew a plane through Tower Bridge. Although Frank was not the first to do this, his excuse was the most surprising; he blamed it on his 13 year old son, saying that he had dared him to do it for 35 shillings. Unfortunately for Frank this didn’t cover the £100 fine he got in court.

Flying the Queen through Tower Bridge

In more recent memory, 2 helicopters flew through Tower Bridge carrying the Queen* as part of the Olympic opening ceremony in 2012. This was part of the scene involving James Bond visiting Buckingham Palace to collect the Queen and ended with her parachuting out of the helicopter into the Olympic stadium!

(*not really, it was a stunt double!)

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