Bridge Lift Times: Sunday 18 November at 00:15 | Wednesday 21 November at 10:30 | Wednesday 21 November at 10:30

Tower Bridge Exhibition

Art at the Bridge

Art at the Bridge #6

Local London Art on Display in Engine Rooms

This iteration of Art at the Bridge is no longer running. To learn more about the most recent Art at the Bridge display, please see Art at the Bridge #7.

13 April until early 2016

Our latest exhibition in partnership with Southwark Arts Forum (SAF), 'Art at the Bridge #6', is housed in the atmospheric Victorian Engine Rooms. Admire the eight works of art by artists aged 55 years and above from our local community, each of which explore the theme ‘Tides of Change: charting life’s ebbs and flows’ across a range of media. Each of the artists have drawn inspiration from their own experiences and these images offer a striking contrast to the huge and beautifully maintained steam engines that were once used to power the bridge lifts.

This successful partnership was established in 2011 as part of Tower Bridge’s ongoing commitment to engage with, and acknowledge, the talents of the local community; and its regular exhibitions provide an opportunity for artists to gain exposure to an international audience of approximately 2,500 visitors daily.

Image: ‘Fossil’, © Robert Porter, 2015.

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Entry to ‘Art at the Bridge #6’ is included in the admission price.

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