Bridge Lift Times: Tuesday 11 December at 16:30 | Tuesday 11 December at 17:15 | Wednesday 12 December at 15:30

Tower Bridge Exhibition

Additional information

Tower Bridge Exhibition has two parts to the visit - the Bridge itself and the Victorian Engine Rooms. The visit can commence at either entrance and is fully accessible.

Starting from Tower Bridge, situated on the north side of the Bridge on the River Thames:

    • Step free access from Tower Hill station, walking distance 500 meters (0.32 mile)
    • The access door is 140cm (4ft 7in) wide and it is located 5m from the revolving door
    • The ticket office desk has a lowered accessible section that is 76cm high on both sides
    • Fixed Induction Loops are available at the Ticket Office, North Tower, at the Engine Rooms entrance and in the gift shop
    • Visitors can borrow wheelchairs - please ask a member of staff
    • There is a manual bag search before entering the lifts - the bag search desk is 93cm high
    • There are no toilets immediately available when entering the attraction through the Ticket Office in the North Tower – adapted toilets are located in the South Tower
    • The dimensions of the entrance to the lifts are 1.2m x 3.5m (3ft 11in x 11ft 5in) and they carry up to 30 passengers - there is always a member of staff positioned in the lifts situated inside the Bridge.
    • Visitors can access the Engine Rooms from the Bridge by going down a 37 step staircase or by using a public lift. The dimensions of the entrance to the lift are 1.4m x 1.8m (4ft 7in x 5ft 10in). This lift is unattended but does have an audible announcer and the controls for the lift are within reach for a wheelchair user.

    Starting from the Engine Rooms, on the south side of the River Thames, under the Bridge:

    • Step free access from London Bridge station, walking distance 1km (0.62mile)
    • Step free access from Tooley Street bus stops 47, 343 and 381, walking distance 450 meters (4.5 ft.)
    • The door opening is 122cm (4ft) wide
    • There is a permanent ramp or slope located inside the entrance with a gentle incline - the ramp has a handrail on the right hand side
    • The reception desk is 7m (22ft 11in) from the Engine Rooms entrance
    • The reception desk is 113cm high and has a lowered section that is 76cm high on one side - not visible when coming in
    • Visitors can borrow a wheelchair - they are kept 8m (23ft) away from the entrance
    • There are accessible toilets designated for customers use 25 m (82 ft.) from the Engine Rooms entrance
    • Baby change facilities are located within the accessible toilet - the height of the baby change table once extended is 102cm (3ft 4in)
    • The self-guided visit lasts approximately 90 minutes

    The Exhibition

    • The glass floor is 8cm (3 in) thick in each Walkway
    • Each glass floor is 6m (19.5ft) long by 2m (6.5ft) wide and a member of staff is positioned by the glass floor at all times to assist visitors
    • A 60cm wooden floor area with a handrail is available on each side of the glass floor for visitors who do not wish to walk on the glass floor
    • Visitors are encouraged to touch the walls, the rivets, the tools and all the elements that were required in the building of the structure.
    • Barriers are placed around objects that should not be touched.
    • An object-handling table is available in the South Tower (stage 4) for visitors to touch, feel and smell materials used to build the bridge.
    • Large tactile Perspex models of famous buildings in London are on display in the South Tower landings and visitors are encouraged to touch them
    • A six minutes descriptive film with music showing a bridge lift is continuously on display in the Engine Rooms
    • Interactive games are also available in the Engine Rooms to explain the bascules and the hydraulic system
    • There is no restriction on eating/drinking inside the Bridge and the Engine Rooms but we ask visitors not to eat nuts, in case of allergies. 
    • Assistance animals are welcome
    • Due to the historical nature of the attraction there are changes in lighting conditions throughout the experience. The ticket office, walkways and journey to the Engine Rooms from the South Tower (outside) are lit by natural light. Other areas have atmospheric electric lighting and can be darker in places.

    Welcome Hosts in blue uniforms are available for information and guidance at each key stage of the visit.