Rosie Revere, Engineer - KS1

Tower Bridge has joined forces with the team at The Literacy Tree to create this 3-week literacy sequence for Year 2s around Andrea Beatty’s Rosie Revere, Engineer, incorporating a study of Tower Bridge with associated preparatory and follow-up work.

Following the triumphs, failures and – most importantly of all – perseverance of budding engineer Rosie, pupils undertake a varied range of tasks exercising both their Literacy and Design & Technology skills, culminating in a visit to Tower Bridge undertaking a mission set by Rosie herself, to create a leaflet all about London’s defining landmark.

Tower Bridge is currently unable to run school tours but we can provide materials for your Rosie Revere topic to accompany a self-guided visit. 

We are also able to run a remote Q&A session for your pupils, either live or pre-recorded, whatever suits you best!

The Rosie Revere learning sequence can be purchased from The Literacy Tree website

Key information

Location: Onsite (self-guided only) or online through your preferred method (Zoom, Teams, etc)

Capacity: Max 30 pupils

Duration: 20 - 30 mins

Curriculum Links: Literacy, D&T

Cost: Online session free.

Self-guided visit  £4.70 per child and £9.30 per adult (including admission). 1 adult free per 6 children