Raise Tower Bridge - KS2

Discover how this iconic structure opens to passing boats, and how technology has changed in its lifetime.

Pupils will work together in small teams to build a model of Tower Bridge to understand the Bridge's engineering and how modern-day coding can be used to make it open. The workshop culminates in pupils writing and inputting the code required to raise the roads of a miniature Tower Bridge!


Key information

Capacity: Max 60 pupils

Timing: 10.30 - 14.00

Curriculum Links: Science, Computing, History, D&T, STEM

Cost: £4.70 per child and £9.30 per adult (including admission)

1 adult free per 10 children

"Workshop related very well to our science topic and coding activities. Would be very difficult to do something similar in school."

Key Stage 2

" I enjoyed making the Tower Bridge model and learning coding"

Year 6