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Ben goes behind the scenes

2nd August 2016 • Tower Bridge Blog

Ben goes behind the scenes

We had a new temporary team member at the beginning of July: the brilliant Ben joined us for 2 weeks’ work experience! Before he finished his time at Tower Bridge, we took the opportunity to quiz him about how he’d got on…

Give us a quick run-down of what you’ve been doing during your work experience at Tower Bridge.

In the two weeks of me being here, I have spent a week with the maintenance team helping them complete routine checks maintain the bridge and even stock vending machines. My second week was spent with the exhibition team and I have worked in the gift shop, security, the main office (Op Support, Finance, Marketing and Education) and even had a meeting with the Head of Tower Bridge himself.

To date, what has been your best or most memorable moment working at the Tower Bridge?

Without a doubt, the best part of working at Tower Bridge would have to be doing the bridge lift. Not many people my age (16yrs) could say that they have raised Tower Bridge. It’s one of those things you can’t imagine doing yourself. Even some permanent staff that work here have not done it so you could say that I win!

What has been your most tricky moment working at the bridge? If there wasn’t one, what would people find the most surprising thing about the work you’ve been doing here at Tower Bridge?

Apart from writing this (tricky), the most surprising thing would have to be going down into the bascule chambers underneath the towers of the bridge. Until I went under there, like most people I did not know that there was anything there so when they told me where I was going, it came as a big shock!

Second to the bridge (obviously!), what is your favourite piece of architecture in London?

I would have to say The Shard as that thing is huge. It honestly looked like a massive piece of glass just fell out the sky and embedded itself in the pavement. Up at the top, the view will take your breath away.

Lastly, Bill Clinton was famously held up by the rising bascules in 1997. If you could hold anyone up who would it be and why?

If I could hold anybody up, it would probably have to be Eddie Murphy…. Purely because his reactions in movies are hilarious and I’d love to see his face when the bridge just rises up on him. Loads of people would pay to see that.

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