Fluid Statics: a brand-new exhibition inside Tower Bridge - Tower Bridge
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Tower Bridge Exhibition

Fluid Statics: a brand-new exhibition inside Tower Bridge

29th October 2018 • News

Fluid Statics: a brand-new exhibition inside Tower Bridge

We’re excited to present ‘Fluid Statics’, a new exhibition from Tower Bridge Artist in Residence, Imogen Piper.

From 9 November

Since her appointment as our second Artist in Residence, multidisciplinary research driven artist, Imogen Piper has delved into the vast quantities of data accumulated at Tower Bridge. Following three months of exploration, interpretation and experimentation, Imogen’s residency culminates in this exciting new exhibition, which will centre on a large-scale sculpture fashioned from the pipes, containers and tubes that mimic the numerous fluidic systems at the heart of the Bridge.

The work encourages visitors to explore Tower Bridge through new perspectives, offering new interpretations of a familiar icon through data-visualisation. The resulting exhibition strips the Bridge right back to its mechanical core, exploring the intricate process systems central to the function of this iconic river crossing.

The new work will be on display in the Victorian Engine Rooms, inviting visitors to explore and draw parallels between the work and the historic steam engines once integral to powering of the mighty Bridge Lifts.

The exhibition runs from Friday 9 November 2018 – February 2019 (inclusive) and admission is included in the entry price for Tower Bridge. No booking necessary.

In addition to the exhibition, as part of the Residency, Imogen has been working with children at Boutcher Primary School. Outcomes from this project will be displayed in the Walkways from January 2019. Find out more about Imogen's residency in the  Learning section of our website.

Image:the artist collecting water at the source of the Thames.

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