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London 2144 Competition: And the winner is…

20th September 2019 • News

London 2144 Competition: And the winner is…

We are pleased to award 3D designer Luke Sozzo the top prize in the London 2144 competition for his reimagining of the London skyline 125 years from now.

To celebrate Tower Bridge’s 125th anniversary, the competition was launched earlier this year to inspire designers, artists, architects and engineers to reimagine London’s skyline 125 years from now.

Luke, from London, fought off stiff competition from contestants across the design, architecture and arts sectors to take the top prize for his eye-catching design, depicting a luminous Tower Bridge against a backdrop of buildings that conquer the skyline.

Winner Luke Sozzo explains: “In London 2144, following another 125 years of technological and construction innovation, newer and sleeker monuments now overshadow the landmarks that previously defined the skyline. Tower Bridge itself no longer exists and has been re-invented using projected holographic technology that maintains the historic form of the existing structure whilst accommodating the advancements in transport infrastructure.”

Luke wins a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to operate his very own Bridge lift, alongside a ride on the Thames Sailing Barge Lady Daphne, an historic wooden sailing vessel built in 1923 and an exclusive Behind the Scenes Tour of the Bridge.

The winning design was on display at Tower Bridge until mid-October 2019.

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