Tour - SEND

Join our Learning team as we explore Tower Bridge through costume, objects and materials on a tailor-made, multi-sensory guided tour.

Pupils will discover the history and mechanics of Tower Bridge and have fun exploring the impressive high-level Walkways and the Victorian Engine Rooms.

Our SEND tours are designed so that you can create the visit that your students will enjoy and benefit from the most, choosing the stories, spaces and stimuli that will best engage your learners.  

Our educators are adept at ensuring that every student is able to participate, on their terms, and are trained in the use of Makaton.  


Key information

Duration: 1 hr, but flexible to accommodate group's needs.

Capacity: Max 15 pupils.

Curriculum Links: Special Schools and SEND Units.

Cost: £5.36 per child and £10.72 per additional adult outside the required ratio

1 adult free per 6 children

Our children who are all diagnosed with autism thoroughly enjoyed the tour and many of them can recognise Tower Bridge and discuss its features after the visit. This is extraordinary as they have definitely gained great knowledge from the visit.


Sophie and David were amazing! They were able to engage all of our learners with their passion and kindness and understanding of children. The tour was interactive and exciting.