Peaceful Journeys by Anahita Harding

‘Peaceful Journeys’ is a never-seen-before performance by British Iranian artist and wheelchair user Anahita Harding. 

Harding will be testing her endurance by laying down on the Glass Floor of the Tower Bridge Walkways, from opening until closing time. 

This is a quiet and peaceful performance. Visitors are encouraged to come and see the piece, interact with the artist and sit/lay down/walk on the glass floor.

Booking information

You can see this performance piece as part of your entry to Tower Bridge attraction ticket. 

Time: 9:30 to 18:00 (last entry at 17:00). The artist will take occasional breaks throughout the day. 

Price: Included in your ticket

Location: Tower Bridge Walkways

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About the performance

Harding is a full-time wheelchair user but will not be in her wheelchair for the duration of the performance. She will be laying down on the clear Glass Floor of the Tower Bridge Walkway, wearing a sleeping bag and eye mask. 

Viewers will be able to see her, as well as the chaos of the traffic and London buses that pass underneath on the bridge below. Visitors are welcome to position themselves on the glass floor alongside the Artist. 

No matter whether you have a disability or not, travelling can be stressful in an inaccessible environment. This performance will showcase the Artist's escape from the chaos of traffic and inaccessible travel underneath her, by being in a restful position to showcase stillness in a space that offers an alternative way of looking at London sights. There is a visual contrast where visitors can directly see the hustle and bustle of journeys below on the street level and compare this to the calm and peaceful environment on the Walkways on the upper levels of Tower Bridge.

About the artist

British Iranian artist and wheelchair user, Anahita Harding, is a performance artist interested in looking at the idea of space, the lens, and disability.

'Peaceful Journeys' will follow on from her previous performances at the Tate Modern ('Are You Comfortable Yet?') and 'Steps' at the Monument to the Great Fire of London.

Photograph of artist Anahita Harding