Tower Bridge topic resources

Our brand-new resources will support your topic-based teaching, whether you're studying bridges, London, rivers or icons. These cross-curricular resources, designed for Key Stage 2, cover STEM, History, Art, Design and Technology and Literacy, are easy to use, and can be used within the classroom, or set as home learning. 

Through a rich mix of films, activities and worksheets, pupils will uncover the story of Tower Bridge, whilst applying their historical enquiry, problem-solving, teamwork, creativity and literacy skills.

The close-up of a cog at Tower Bridge's Engine Rooms

A short introduction to the Engine Rooms

This series of films guides you and your pupils through the original, steam-powered process to raise Tower Bridge, and asks pupils to use their problem-solving skills, and make links to their daily lives.

The films are perfect as either preparation for a self-guided visit, or as consolidation of your learning.

Historic image of Tower Bridge and the upper Pool of London filled with barges

Can you imagine a London without Tower Bridge?

When a structure is as famous and iconic as Tower Bridge, it's easy to forget that there was a time when it didn't exist - when it hadn't even been thought of.  

Through films and activities, explore the reasons for the bridge's construction, discovering the hustle and bustle of the Victorian Thames, and the rejected designs for the new river crossing.  

Image of Tower Bridge under construction

Building Tower Bridge

Find out who was involved in building Tower Bridge, and how they went about it. Discover the teamwork involved in building such a complex structure, and learn about the varied jobs involved - whether famous architect or general labourer.

All of this is explored through films, worksheets and activities.