Home Educators

Home Educators 

Whether you are exploring STEM, History, Literacy, Art or Geography, Tower Bridge can support your teaching and learning outside of the traditional classroom setting. 

To sign up to our Home Educators mailing list please email learning@towerbridge.org.uk.

Virtual workshops

Book onto our new virtual sessions for home schoolers which support learning in coding, history and geography.

pupils computer

Raise Tower Bridge with Scratch!

This new, specially-designed virtual session includes a live 20-minute introduction to Tower Bridge and its engineering by a member of the Learning team, followed by a 45-minute self-led activity on writing and debugging code to control an animation of Tower Bridge using Scratch.

The Scratch activity is supported by instructional films for pupils.

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Why does Tower Bridge open?

This new virtual session includes a live 15-minute introduction to Tower Bridge and its history by a member of the Learning team, followed by a 15-minute self-led geography activity looking for objects from around the world in your own homes.

Planning a visit to Tower Bridge?

There's nothing quite like visiting Tower Bridge in person. provides a fun and inspiring focus for your homeschooling. You can find all the information you need to plan your visit on our Families page.

Plan a family visit

Visit resources

Why not enhance your visit using our Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2 visit resources? These contain hints and tips for making the most of your visit, along with activities and worksheets for your children.

KS1 resources KS2 resources

Activities and resources

Explore a rich range of curriculum-linked and creative resources on our learning resources page or see our top picks for home educators below.

Tower Bridge without bascules

Make a moving Tower Bridge picture

Tower Bridge is famous because it opens for passing boats.

Have a go at making your own moving Tower Bridge picture, perfect for the Make a stop motion film activity below!

Curriculum links : DT, Art 

Making stop motion animations

Make a stop motion film

Learn how to make a stop motion film and use the technology in your pocket to bring your favourite story to life.

Curriculum links: Art, Computing, History, Literacy

Family inside Tower Bridge

Go on a scavenger hunt

Take part in our Tower Bridge themed scavenger hunt around the home, garden or outside on a walk.

Curriculum links: Geography, Maths (counting), Literacy (writing)

Children practicing semaphore

Learn Semaphore

When Tower Bridge is about to open, the Bridge Driver needs to speak to the ship to make sure it's ready. Before radio, they used semaphore signals.

Discover more and have a go at sending a semaphore message with this activity!

Curriculum links: DT, History, Literacy (spelling)

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Tower Bridge topic resources

Discover the what, when and why's of Tower Bridge using film, historical images and worksheets.

The next best thing to visiting Tower Bridge yourself! 

Key stages: 1 - 2
Curriculum links: History, STEM
Topics: Bridges, Rivers, London