Making a Stop Motion film

One of our favourite true stories about Tower Bridge is the one when a bus jumped over an opening Tower Bridge in 1952

This event happened so long ago we do not have any film footage of it. So, help us to recreate the daring feat using stop motion.


Have a go at creating your own film of a bus jumping over Tower Bridge using the free Stop Motion Animation app.

Download our instructions, get your pens and paper out, then share your results with us on Twitter or Instagram. Good luck!  

Equipment needed: 

Smart phone or ipad, colouring pens/paper, paper, scissors. You could also use the Tower Bridge picture from Make a Moving Tower Bridge picture below if you have a printer. 

Minimum number of people:



The bus jump story

Discover the bus jump story. 

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Instruction sheet

This sheet teaches you to make a stop motion film. 

Download PDF

Make a moving Tower Bridge picture

Find out how to make your own!

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