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Discover the story of the Bridge, how it was constructed and key dates in its history.

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It's the people that make a place. Discover the historic figures who created the iconic Bridge and have maintained it since 1894.

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Phyllis Nunn

Tower Bridge in art

Tower Bridge has been an artistic inspiration since its opening in 1894. 

Discover how it has been depicted in art through the decades.

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Still from Gorgo - the monster attacks Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge on screen

It's the most famous Bridge in the world so there's no surprise that Tower Bridge often ends up on screen.

From Hollywood blockbusters to TV, music videos and computer games, we’ve compiled some of our favourite times that Tower Bridge has appeared on screen.

2012 Opening Ceremony. Copyright Clive Totman

Our favourite Bridge Lifts

Ever wondered what vessels Tower Bridge lifts for? We’ve taken a look through our archives to find some of the most interesting and iconic boats and ships that have passed through Tower Bridge since 1894.

Queen Elizabeth II meets staff inside Tower Bridge. Copyright Clive Totman

Our royal connections

Tower Bridge has many connections to the royal family, from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II and before. These connections can be traced back to long before 1894, when London's defining landmark was officially opened to the public.


Bridge Master George EW Crutwell. Courtesy of British Library

Who runs Tower Bridge?

When Tower Bridge was completed in 1894, the people directly responsible were the Superintending Engineer and the Bridge Master. Find out how this role has evolved over more than a century and the people who've held it.

Alex Evan's Contour drawing of Tower Bridge

Get Creative with Alex Evans

Join former Artist in Residence, Alex Evans, to unleash your creativity. 

Over the course of four weeks, you will learn simple, fun techniques to create your own artworks inspired by Tower Bridge.

Close up of boys who worked on Tower Bridge

The People of Tower Bridge

We need your help! Can you help us to identify the men in this picture who worked on Tower Bridge's construction?

Tower Bridge podcasts


Interested in discovering more about Tower Bridge's history?

Our guides, historians and educators have been busy creating a series of short podcasts exploring the stories of the people, engineering and architecture behind London's defining landmark.

Things to read

Deep dive into the history of London's defining landmark with our latest blogs

Have you heard of the Bridge House Estates?

Imagine an organisation that has been around for over 700 years, is responsible for two of the world’s most famous structures and yet is almost unheard of, even in its own city.

The architectural style of Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is often compared to a fairy-tale castle spanning the Thames next to the ancient Tower of London. But have you ever wondered about the architectural movement that inspired the now iconic design?

Eat like a Victorian

What was it like to live in 1880s and 1890s London? What did they do in their leisure time? What sports did they watch? But, most importantly, what food did they eat?

Front cover of the Tower Bridge Cat

Meet Bella, the Tower Bridge Cat

Bella is a fictional cat who goes on adventures in and around Tower Bridge. Discover the story of 'The Tower Bridge Cat' and get creative with our family-friendly cat-themed activities.

Image of plants inside victorian food tins

Making the Bridge Sing

Experience 'Making the Bridge Sing' from the comfort of your home.

This exhibition, which was originally on display inside the Victorian Engine Rooms, explores the imagined sights and sounds experienced by Hannah Griggs, a cook at Tower Bridge between 1911 and 1915, and features artwork by award-winning artist Di Mainstone.