Discover Tower Bridge's extraordinary history, and its operational secrets, and get familiar with the people who designed and built the landmark. There's something for everyone, from listicles to in-depth articles and podcasts.

Our history

Discover Tower Bridge's fascinating history, from how it was constructed to its key commemorative dates.

Our people

It's the people that make a place. Get to know the historic figures who built Tower Bridge and have maintained it since 1894.


Take a deep dive into the history of London's defining landmark with our latest articles.

See inside Tower Bridge

Top facts about Tower Bridge

How old is the Bridge? What colour was it first painted? Why is it so famous?

Here are your top facts and interesting things to know about London's defining landmark. 

Phyllis Nunn

Tower Bridge in art

Tower Bridge has been an artistic inspiration since its opening in 1894. 

Discover how it has been depicted in art through the decades.

Still from Gorgo - the monster attacks Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge on screen

It's the most famous Bridge in the world so there's no surprise that Tower Bridge often ends up on screen.

From Hollywood blockbusters to TV, music videos and computer games, we’ve compiled some of our favourite times that Tower Bridge has appeared on screen.

2012 Opening Ceremony. Copyright Clive Totman

Our favourite Bridge Lifts

Ever wondered what vessels Tower Bridge lifts for? We’ve taken a look through our archives to find some of the most interesting and iconic boats and ships that have passed through Tower Bridge since 1894.

A working bridge

All about how Tower Bridge works, how many times it opens, its architectural style and more.

How does Tower Bridge work?

Have you ever wondered how Tower Bridge works?

What type of bridge is Tower Bridge?

Bascule, cantilever or suspension?

What's the architectural style of Tower Bridge?

The intricate design is often compared to a fairy-tale castle. But in what the style it is build?

Why does Tower Bridge open?

Why was Tower Bridge made to open? How often are the bascules raised?

Incredible stories

The bus jump at Tower Bridge

Read the true tale of the day a London bus jumped over the rising bascules of Tower Bridge. 

Daring feats

Tower Bridge has been the location of many daring feats, from planes flying straight through the middle to a motorbike jumping over the rising bascules.

Our royal connections

Tower Bridge has many connections to the royal family, from Queen Victoria to the Late Queen Elizabeth II and before. 

Tower Bridge and the Thames

What is the Pool of London?

Tower Bridge stands as the gateway to London, spanning the historic heart in a stretch of the Thames that is known as the Pool of London.

The biodiversity of the Thames

In the murky depths of the Thames, below the Bridge, lies an often unseen world of wildlife and ecological magnificence. 

The animals of Tower Bridge

From acool cats to hardworking horses, read on to discover the 'tails' of animal antics in and around Britain's most famous river crossing.


Our guides and historians explain the stories of the people, engineering and architecture behind Tower Bridge.

History of Tower Bridge

We talk you through the need for a new river crossing near London Bridge and the initial designs of Tower Bridge.


Voices of Tower Bridge

We explore the oral history of Tower Bridge, revealing the tales of past workers, such as diver Friend Samuel Penny.


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