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Explore our rich range of curriculum-linked and creative resources, perfect for a standalone activity, or to embed a Tower Bridge visit into your current topic. 

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Tower Bridge topic resources

Discover the what, when and whys of Tower Bridge using film, historical images and worksheets.

Key stages: 1 - 2
Curriculum links : History, STEM
Topics: Bridges, Rivers, London

School tour

Self-guided visit resources

Download our self-guided visit resources for engaging activities, a recommended route, historical background and explanations of scientific processes.

Curriculum links : History, STEM

Topics: Bridges, Rivers, London

KS1 resources

KS2 resources


Cropped image of historic workers

Descriptive writing

Download our collection of pen portraits of historical Tower Bridge staff as a starting point for a piece of descriptive writing.

Key Stages: 2

Curriculum links: History, Literacy (writing)

Download PDF

illustration of Keshavji Shamji Budhbhatti, the Indian engineer who worked on Tower Bridge

Drawing from descriptions

Encourage your pupils to develop their literacy and art skills with our drawing from descriptions activity.

Download our pen portraits of historical staff and top tips for drawing faces below. 

Key Stages: 1 - 2

Curriculum links: History, Literacy (reading), Art

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Children practicing semaphore

Learn Semaphore

When Tower Bridge is about to open, the Bridge Driver needs to speak to the ship to make sure it's ready. Before radio, they used semaphore signals.

Discover more and have a go at sending a semaphore message with this activity!

Key Stages: 2
Curriculum links: DT, History, Literacy (spelling)

Colouring-in and dot-to-dot sheets

Download a range of bridge and river-themed dot-to-dot pictures and colouring-in sheets. 

Key Stages: 1
Curriculum links: Art, Literacy, Maths

Make a moving Tower Bridge picture

A printable download to easily make moving Tower Bridge picture. Works well in conjunction with the 'Make a stop-motion film' activity.

Key stages: 1 - 2
Curriculum links: DT, Art

Make a stop-motion film

Learn how to make a stop-motion film and using readily-available technology.

Key Stages: 1 - 2
Curriculum links: Art, Computing, History, Literacy

Make your own comic strip

Make up your own story about the Bridge, or use one of our real life ones - like the time the number 78 bus jumped over an opening Tower Bridge!

Key Stages: 1 - 2

Curriculum links: Art, Literacy (writing)