Making a moving Tower Bridge Picture 

Tower Bridge is famous all over the world, not just because of its famous shape but also because it opens for passing tall ships!

When a tall boat sails up the river, the heavy roads (bascules) lift up in the middle to let the boat through.

Can you create your own moving Tower Bridge picture?


Print off this picture of Tower Bridge and cut out the centre and the bascules (road pieces). Can you put them in the right place?  

You can use a hole punch with a split pin or even just blutak to hold your bascules in place.  

This would make a great background for a stop motion animation, too.

If you don't have a printer, have a go at copying the picture and make your own, hand drawn, moving Tower Bridge picture. 

Equipment needed:

Printer, scissors, blutak or similar.

Minimum number of people:



Tower Bridge's illustration

Print off this sheet to make your own moving picture. 

Download PDF

Make your own stop motion film

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