Get creative with Tower Bridge at home

Explore our family friendly activities for you to do at home. These activities are designed to compliment and enhance a visit to Tower Bridge but are still great fun if you're currently unable to visit us.

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Planning to visit Tower Bridge? We're open and ready to welcome you and your family. Please see our Families page for more information.

Go on a scavenger hunt

Can't get to Tower Bridge in person? 

Take part in our Tower Bridge themed scavenger hunt around the home, garden or outside on a walk.

Meet Bella, the Tower Bridge Cat

Bella is a fictional cat who goes on adventures in and around Tower Bridge. Discover the story of 'The Tower Bridge Cat', and get creative with our family-friendly cat-themed activities.

Learn Semaphore

When Tower Bridge is about to open, the Bridge Driver needs to speak to the ship to make sure it's ready. Before radio, they used semaphore signals.

Discover more and have a go at sending a semaphore message with this activity!

Making a moving Tower Bridge picture

Tower Bridge is famous because it opens for passing boats.

Have a go at making your own moving Tower Bridge picture, perfect for the Make a stop motion film activity!

Make a stop motion film

Learn how to make a stop motion film and use the technology in your pocket to bring your favourite story to life.

Make an origami boat

Thousands of ships pass under Tower Bridge each year. Have a go at making your own decorated origami boats!

Activity Sheets

Practise your counting by trying one of our dot-to dot pictures or simply enjoy one of our colouring sheets.