Artist in Residence
Bridge Lift Times: Wednesday 20 November at 18:45 | Wednesday 20 November at 19:45 | Wednesday 20 November at 21:15

Tower Bridge Exhibition

Work by 2018 Artist in Residence, Imogen Piper

Artist in residence at Tower Bridge

In August 2018 we were delighted to welcome our second Artist in Residence, Imogen Piper.

Imogen delved into the Bridge's records, including those held at the London Metropolitan Archives, fully immersing herself in the task of discovering and artistically interpreting the data of Tower Bridge. She worked with our expert Exhibition and Technical staff to gain a deep understanding of the Bridge, its data and the people who make it work. Behind the scenes, her studio was an energetic space, full of drawings, diagrams, models and ideas.

Following three months of exploration, interpretation and experimentation, Imogen’s residency culminated in an intriguing exhibition, which explored the relationship between the Bridge’s physical structure, its purpose and its mechanics, providing a new and creative perspective on London’s Defining Landmark.

For more information about Imogen, visit or find her on instagram: @imogenpiper