Find out about the people who designed and built the Bridge between 1886 and 1894, and the people who have worked here since it was opened on 30 June 1894. 

The architects and engineers

Sir Horace Jones

Sir Horace Jones

Chief Architect

Discover the man behind the design and one of the most famous names associated with Tower Bridge

Portrait of Sir John Wolfe Barry

Sir John Wolfe Barry

Chief Engineer

When Sir Horace Jones died just one year into the construction of Tower Bridge, Sir John Wolfe Barry was tasked with completing the iconic river crossing. But who was he, what else did he build and why is he still so highly revered today?

Painting of Sir William Arrol

Sir William Arrol

Civil Engineer

Discover the story of the mastermind responsible for the 8km (5 miles) of iron and steel that form Tower Bridge's immense structure.

Sir William Armstrong. Copyright Cragside/National Trust

Sir William Armstrong


The technology behind Tower Bridge's engineering was based on an invention by Sir William Armstrong, one of the world’s most successful industrialist-engineers.

The workers of Tower Bridge

Discover some of the stories of the people working at Tower Bridge through the decades. 

Keshavji Shamji Budhbhatti

Discover the story of the Indian engineer who worked on Tower Bridge - and what happened to him when he left England.

Ted Forrest

Discover the story of Ted Forrest, who worked at Tower Bridge for nearly 40 years.

Charlotte Olive Dora Burch

Discover the story of Charlotte Olive Dora Burch, who became a maid and resident at Tower Bridge in 1895.

The jobs at Tower Bridge

Explore some of the many and varied roles that helped build and run Tower Bridge. 

The Divers

Take a dive into the early stages of Tower Bridge's construction and discover the men who dug the foundations.

The Riveters

The riveters of Tower Bridge were essential workers who helped to build the iconic structure you see today.

The Bridge Master

Find out how the role of the Superintending Engineer and the Bridge Master has evolved over more than a century

Bill Skinner

What does a Bridge Driver do?

Behind every Bridge Lift, there is a highly skilled Bridge Driver. 

Take a deep dive into the history of Bridge Drivers, discover how the role has changed in the past century and find out what it takes to train for such a truly unique job.

Tower Bridge under construction

Earning a living

What was a Victorian shopping list like? How much was a loaf of bread in the 1890s? How long did it take for a Tower Bridge construction worker to save up to buy two pounds of beef?

Discover what it was like earning a living for the people building the Bridge.

Tower Bridge podcasts

Voices of Tower Bridge

Hear the stories of the people who once worked at Tower Bridge, described in their own words or of their descendants.

Close up of boys who worked on Tower Bridge

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