Children's Art Week

Each year, Children's Art Week lasts three weeks.

Join us and get to know Tower Bridge's incredible history with the craft activities we have created for you to enjoy at home.

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Learn to marble

Water is amazing at keeping you cool and is really fun to paint because it's made up of so many different colours.

So, learn how to marble your own paper using equipment found in your kitchen. You can then use this to make your own River Thames collage!

Download instructions

Try some origami

In 2019, artist Di Mainstone created an fantastical film about Tower Bridge. In her imagined world, the Bridge becomes filled with flowers.

Fill your own home with flora by making these beautiful origami flowers.

Drawing with your family

Have you ever tried to draw a picture with another person? Did you notice that the drawings didn't look the same and that you included different details?

Try out our drawing challenge and have a go at drawing a picture of Tower Bridge with someone older or younger than you. How does the finished picture look? 

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Drawing from descriptions

Back when Tower Bridge was built in 1894, people didn't take as many photos as they do now.

This means we don't know what everyone at Tower Bridge looked like, but we do know their names, what they did for a job and other descriptions.

Have a go at drawing these people from their descriptions, what do you think they'd look like?

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Descriptive Writing

Look back at the drawings you did of the people at Tower Bridge (or use the ones in our pack).

Can you write a story about them? What would a typical day for them at Tower Bridge be like?

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Make your own comic strip

Comic strips are a great way to tell a story. Have a go at making your own comic strip using our instructions.

Make up your own story about Tower Bridge, or use one of our real life ones - like the time the number 78 bus jumped over an opening Tower Bridge.

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Image: Top Spot Magazine, 20 June 1959, Copyright © Rebellion Publishing IP Ltd. All Rights Reserved

About Children's Art Week

Children’s Art Week is run by Engage, the National Association for Gallery Education. It happens every year across the UK, with many organisations hosting free activities to encourage children, young people and families to engage with visual arts.

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