Jumping Buses - KS1

Discover the true story of the bus that jumped Tower Bridge!

Pupils will travel back in time to 30 December 1952 - the day the Number 78 bus jumped Tower Bridge - and take part in a costumed storytelling session to discover the story.

They will then practise comprehension skills (retelling stories) by working in pairs to create a stop motion animation of the bus jump. These films can be shared with the school for post-visit work or publishing on school websites or social media.



Key information

Capacity: Max 60 pupils

Timing: 10.30 - 13.45 or 10.45 - 14.00

Curriculum Links: Literacy, History, Computing

Cost: £4.70 per child and £9.30 per adult (including admission)

1 adult free per 6 children

"The ‘Jumping Bus’ session was impressive and the children enjoyed making their own short movies. The resources were easy to use and the instructions easy to follow."

Year 2

"The children and staff were thoroughly entertained and loved every moment. Thank you!"

Year 2