Rosie Revere, Engineer - KS1 - Online

Rosie Revere, Engineer - KS1

Tower Bridge has joined forces with the team at The Literacy Tree to create this 3-week literacy sequence for Year 2s around Andrea Beatty’s Rosie Revere, Engineer, incorporating a study of Tower Bridge with associated preparatory and follow-up work.

Following the triumphs, failures and – most importantly of all – perseverance of budding engineer Rosie, pupils undertake a varied range of tasks exercising both their Literacy and Design & Technology skills, culminating in a visit to Tower Bridge undertaking a mission set by Rosie herself, to create a leaflet all about London’s defining landmark.

Tower Bridge is currently unable to run school tours but we have a suite of online resources available for students to use and are also able to run a remote Q&A session for your pupils, either live or pre-recorded, whatever suits you best!

The Rosie Revere learning sequence can be purchased from The Literacy Tree website

Key information

Location: Online through your preferred method (Zoom, Teams, etc)

Capacity: Max 30 pupils

Duration: 20 - 30 mins

Curriculum Links: Literacy, D&T

Cost: Online session free


"Thank you so much to you and your colleague for the Rosie Revere  session with my class last week. They thoroughly enjoyed it and have not stopped talking about all of the facts you have taught them."

St Marks Lambeth Primary, Year 2, Teacher