Building Tower Bridge

Join Education Officer, David Laird, as he takes a closer look at how Tower Bridge was built. These films provide an insight into the process, and shine a light on the extraordinary array of individuals and incredible teamwork involved in building the Bridge. 

You can delve deeper into the stories of the people who built the Bridge with our drawing and creative writing activities. 

These films and resources can be used standalone, or alongside one of our virtual workshops, such as Raise Tower Bridge with Scratch! or Q&A session.

More activities will be added in the next few weeks, so do check back regularly!

Eight years in the making

How do you build into water? What were the different stages of Tower Bridge's construction? It took eight years and thousands of tonnes of stone, brick and steel to build the Bridge we know today. Find out how it was constructed in this film.

Who built Tower Bridge?

Over 2000 individuals were involved in making the many tonnes of stone, brick and steel into the Bridge we know today. This film explores the diverse roles and amazing teamwork that was needed to build Tower Bridge.

Don't stop now

Make sure you check out our films and activities which explore why the Bridge was built and how it used to work until 1976. And if you want to dig a little deeper into the Bridge's stories, have a look at our Discover Tower Bridge articles.