Bridge builders (on-site)

Turn your students into bridge building engineers in this new on-site workshop. 

Through hands-on experiments, pupils will discover why Tower Bridge is made up of three different types of bridge and discuss the different strengths and weaknesses of each design. The workshop culminates in pupils putting their learning into practice to build a bridge to match a real-world brief. 

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Key information

Key Stage: 2

Capacity: Max 30 pupils, minimum 10 pupils. 

Timings: 10.30 - 14.00

Curriculum Links: Science (forces), D&T

Cost:  £120 per class and £10.72 per additional adult outside the required ratio

1 adult free per 10 children


Looking for ways to embed your workshop into your classroom learning? 

Our learning resources contains everything you need to turn your pupils into Tower Bridge experts! 

Learning resources