CCTV in and on Tower Bridge

Our CCTV system consists of cameras internally and externally on Tower Bridge. A number of cameras are fixed, whilst others are PTZ’s (pan-tilt zoom). All images are live monitored in our CCTV Control Room.

By using CCTV we aim to:

  • To assist in the prevention and detection of crime;
  • To facilitate the identification, apprehension and prosecution of offenders in relation to crime and public order;
  • To aid public safety
  • To assist with the management of public highways
  • To assist senior staff with disciplinary procedures in cases of serious misconduct.

Code of Practice

Where we use CCTV we adhere to Government guidelines.

Our Code of Practice (link to our CCTV Code of Practice) is based on the 12 guiding principles listed in the Home Office Surveillance Camera Code of Practice 2013.

Further information

Further information about our CCTV can be found in the following documents.

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