Meet Bella, the Tower Bridge Cat

Meet Bella, the Tower Bridge Cat

Bella is Tower Bridge’s fictional cat who goes on adventures inside the Bridge. She lives in the Bridge and belongs to the Bridge Master.

The Tower Bridge Cat and the Missing Button - book cover

New! The Tower Bridge Cat and the Missing Button

Buttons are disappearing all over London including the shiny silver one that opens and closes Tower Bridge! With the Lord Mayor's Show about to start and the Bridge stuck open, can Bella solve the mystery of the missing button before it's too late?

Tower Bridge Cat Trail

From Saturday 2 April 2022, for a limited time, join Bella the Tower Bridge Cat and the characters from the award-winning books as you make your way through Tower Bridge. Meet The Bridge Master and Bella’s team – Hannah the Cook, Poppy the Painter and Stan the Stoker along with the identical twins, Eddie the Engineer and Olly the Oiler who will all help you answer key questions about how and when Tower Bridge lifts! 

Stamp the answers in your Training Record, pass your Apprenticeship and become part of Bella’s Tower Bridge Team.

Good luck, Apprentices!

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Front cover of the Tower Bridge Cat

The Tower Bridge Cat

In the first book in the series, Bella is responsible for ensuring everyone at the Bridge is ready for a party to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. The Queen is travelling up the Thames in the royal barge and they are busy preparing to open Tower Bridge. There are crowds gathering around the Thames. She spots a bus crossing over the Bridge while it was opening. She has to act quickly but can she save the day?

Our award-winning children's book is written by Tee Dobinson and illustrated by Steve Cox. It was partly inspired by a historical link with our feline friends.

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The Tower Bridge Cat and the Baby Whale cover

The Tower Bridge Cat and the Baby Whale

In the second book, after saving the Queen's birthday, Bella returns for another adventure in 'The Tower Bridge Cat and the Baby Whale'. This time, she has to rescue a baby whale who is stuck under Tower Bridge. It's up Bella to save the day once again. Can she make it?

Written by Tee Dobinson and illustrated by Steve Cox.

The history of cats at Tower Bridge

Did you know that up until the early 1980s, Tower Bridge had several cats living in and around our Engine Rooms? We even had a Cat Manager employed to take care of the cats on site. The twin cats, one appropriately named Bridget and other called Gladys, named after a vintage Thames barge, had their quarters in the Bridge’s storeroom. Their role at the Bridge was simple, keep the mice away!

Exclusive reading by Tee Dobinson

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The books are available to purchase from the Tower Bridge Shop on-site and online. 

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Spot the cat inside Tower Bridge

Spot the cat when you visit

We do have a cuddly black cat at the Bridge, which regularly gets moved around so we challenge you to spot the cat when visiting. If you find it, take a photo and share with us #insideTowerBridge 

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