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Do you have to pay to open Tower Bridge?

8th January 2018 • Tower Bridge Blog

Do you have to pay to open Tower Bridge?

Visitors to Tower Bridge often ask whether boats need to pay to open Tower Bridge and the answer is: no, it’s free!

River traffic has always had priority on this stretch of the Thames and it was a condition of Tower Bridge’s design that the bridge did not obstruct river traffic. This also meant that boats could not be charged for opening the bridge and so bridge lifts are funded by the Bridge House Estates, a fund which pays for the upkeep of 5 of the bridges in central London; Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Southwark Bridge, Blackfriars Bridge and the Millennium Bridge.

The conditions for opening Tower Bridge are that your ship is more than 9m tall and that you give, in writing, a minimum of 24 hours’ notice of wishing to pass through. So what are you waiting for? Get building your own tall boat and bring it through Tower Bridge!

All of Tower Bridge’s lifts are published in advance on our website. Visit our Bridge lifts page for more information. 

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