Find out what's on inside Tower Bridge. There is plenty to discover when you visit London's Defining Landmark.

Tower Bridge engineer answers visitor questions in Engine Rooms

Ask an Expert

“How does the Bridge raise?”
“Do the engines still work?”
“What do these do?”

Have your questions answered by one of our team at an ‘Ask an Expert’ session!


Visitor talks to a member of staff wearing a mask

Guided Tours

There are several types of guided tours on offer; guided tours, with BSL and our unique Behind-the-Scenes tour.

Why not book a tour and enjoy a journey throughout the Bridge led by one of our expert guides.



Family Activities

Our family activities are FREE with entry and are available throughout the day. Drop in and join in on the fun. It is open to children of all ages but are particularly appropriate for those aged 6 to 10.

Quiet Glass fllor

Relaxed Opening

Experience a more quieter and calmer Tower Bridge. Find out about our next Relaxed Opening at Tower Bridge - great for visitors with autism, Aspergers and other neurodiverse needs.