Tower Bridge may be temporarily closed to visitors but our team of guides, historians and educators have been busy creating new blogs, quizzes and activities to keep you and your family entertained and help you learn about Tower Bridge.

Family-friendly activities

A range of activities for you to do at home, perfect for creative minds of all ages to enjoy together.

Close up of boys who worked on Tower Bridge

The People of Tower Bridge

We need your help! Can you help us to identify the men in this picture who worked on Tower Bridge's construction?

Tower Bridge podcasts


Interested in discovering more about Tower Bridge's history?

Our guides, historians and educators have been busy creating a series of short podcasts exploring the stories of the people, engineering and architecture behind London's defining Landmark.

Things to read

Deep dive into the history of London's defining landmark with our latest blogs

Have you heard of the Bridge House Estates?

Imagine an organisation that has been around for over 700 years, is responsible for two of the world’s most famous structures and yet is almost unheard of, even in its own city.

Earning a living

Did you know, a team of riveters working on Tower Bridge earned an average of £137.78 per week in wages (about £610 per week in modern money)?

Eat like a Victorian

What was it like to live in 1880s and 1890s London? What did they do in their leisure time? What sports did they watch? But, most importantly, what food did they eat?

Portrait of John Wolfe Barry hanging inside Tower Bridge

Test your knowledge

Think you know your stuff? Take the Tower Bridge quiz and let us know how you did on Facebook and Twitter.

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Quiz 5

Screenshot from Time Bascule

Watch Time Bascule

Watch a newly commissioned film by internationally acclaimed artist, inventor and filmmaker Di Mainstone.

The film reimagines Tower Bridge as a giant musical instrument, drawing inspiration from one of the first women to work on the Bridge - Hannah Griggs, who cooked for the Bridge Master and his family between 1911-1915. Hannah plays the role of musical maestro to pluck the strings and ‘play’ the iconic London landmark.