"A place is only as good as the people you know in it. It’s the people that make the place."

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Discover the people that connect London’s defining landmark today

Discover an exhibition inside Tower Bridge's Engine Rooms celebrating the lives of Tower Bridge today more prominently than ever before; piecing together the story of the people working behind the scenes at the historical bridge, and the visitors who walk its floors.

With London’s defining landmark only 126 years old, the many staff, engineers and visitors today are a key part of its history. Commissioned in 2019 to celebrate the monumental 125-year anniversary of the Bridge, documentary photographer Lucy Hunter spent several months recording the modern life of Tower Bridge, including the staff who work here.

Visitors to Tower Bridge journey up the iconic towers and through the high-level West Walkway while learning about workers of the past; before making their way into the Engine Rooms where the new exhibition will be on display.

This exhibition is included in the standard price of admission. Book your tickets in advance to guarantee your entry time.

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Stories from the past

Need inspiration? Follow the links below to discover the stories of the people who have worked at Tower Bridge in the past and find out more about how we research their stories.

Charlotte Olive Dora Burch

Hear the story of the first known female to work at the Bridge in our podcast series - Voices of Tower Bridge.

Sir Horace Jones

Discover the story of the man behind the famous landmark.

Construction workers

Did you have a relative who worked on Tower Bridge's construction? We need your help to identify these men.